Gator Bite: Satsuma & Rum Liqueur

The Story

Deep in the heart of Louisiana live the oldest and biggest alligators in the world. They command respect. We’re not saying their hiss is worse than their bite, but it’s easier to tame a gator if you’re staring it in the eyes. Don’t fight the bite.

Satsuma Bottle


Snout: orange sorbet and yogurt tamed with tropical fruits and dark rum aromas

Tongue:  electric citrus character with a fresh honey-like flavor and hisses of toasty oak wood

Tail: silky, peppery, medium length on the tail end with a pleasant mandarin orange bite

Coffee Bottle


Snout: exquisite hazelnut roasts with crawling toffee notes and hisses of citrus

Tongue: robust hazelnut stared down by lively dark chocolate

Tail: solid with a refreshing, rich bite with a spice hiss

Satsuma Ginger Fizz

Satsuma Ginger Fizz

2 parts Gator Bite™ Satsuma
3 parts Stoli® Ginger Beer
Garnish with mint.
The Gator Brew

The Gator Brew

1 part Gator Bite™ Coffee
1 part Stoli® Vanil
4 parts Cold Brew Coffee
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over fresh ice into a highball glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans. *Add milk if desired